Aah…..the return to the office after a glorious 3-day weekend.  Damn.  The weather was perfect, and in Oregon, that is a rarity!  75-80 degrees the entire three days!  Absolutely awesome.  To top it all of, my boyfriend, Michael, finally got off his rear and did the backyard!  Well, most of it anyway.  What remains is mostly my work, decorative and such.  I’m thinking of transplanting my rosemary from my kitchen window to a planter on the back porch this evening.  Rosemary normally does better outside, and said planter would look fabulous next to the backdoor.   Now, I just need little plants to go in the side holes (?)…not sure what you call those planters that look like ancient water jugs, but have the capacity to hold multiple plants.  Anyway, that’s what it is.  Pray my cat doesn’t decide to urinate on it.  😛

I have a tendency to kill green things.  Years ago, I wasn’t like this.  I had various plants all over the house.  Of course, I also lived in a condo with an entire wall of windows with direct sunlight.  Now, I live in a house surrounded by other houses, with minimal sunlight.  I will have to be savvy about this new gardening thing I’m trying.  Just seems like a good project for me right now.  Playing in the dirt in fun, as long as there’s no bugs.  I hate spiders.


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  1. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the “blast from the past”!

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