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A little Blackbird…

…reminded me that I’ve been neglecting my blog lately. It would appear I’ve actually been working whilest at work?! *gasp* I know…it’s a shocker. I think I’m almost over it though.  Of course right now, I’m merely blogging in order to distract myself from the nicotine fit I’m about to have.  105 degrees vs. nic-fix? You decide.

Actually, don’t. I’ll be back………..

Argh! Sooooo not worth it! If I can get home on 3 buses tonight, it’ll be a small miracle. Have I mentioned I do not tolerate excessive heat well? 85 degrees is hot enough for me.  There is little breeze today, and WHY THE HELL AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT THE WEATHER?!

Anywho..on to more worthwhile topics. My co-worker from the previous post, had her surgery, where they removed a whole gangload of cancer stuff, and even gave her a tummy-tuck to boot! Well, why the Hell not?! They’re already digging around in there!  She’s back at home, and has gotten her staples removed. She has to undergo Chemo, so it’ll be awhile before she gets back to work. 

Michael, my other half, was riding his bicycle home from work, and got hit by a car! Yes, it was a hit-and-run. Stupid drunken morons. This is why I don’t drive!  That was about 6 weeks ago, so he’s pretty much healed, sans broken hand, but he doing what he can. His physical therapy consists of playing his guitar (left-hand broken) to try to regain some more mobility in his index finger. We’ve learned a lot about what it means to be employed but without insurance, since the majority of service industry workers do not have insurance (unless you want to work for Applebee’s). All in all, it has been a trying couple of months in our home, not to mention the whole experience scared the bejeesus out me.

Just yesterday, my cousin and her husband left for Indonesia with their small boy for at least four years. They are missionaries with New Tribes Ministries. She has a rather large and close family, while I was blessed an only child. This is going to be hard for my aunt and uncle especially, but I can see them visiting Indonesia if need be.  My cousin and her husband have struggle for years to have a child. They’ve been pregnant so many times I’ve lost count, and yet, only have the one boy. Sheila always wanted a big family, so all those experiences have been extrememly trying on her and her husband, Paul. I have my reservations, not only becuase of my lack of a solid faith, but also because I question whether or not this is the best decision for their child. Living amongst a tribe in the middle of nowhere (literally), will be a trial even for them with all their training, but to force a child to grow up in that environment… Well, it worries me. Perhaps, it will be good for Nathan, their son, in the long-run. I guess we shall see. They still have albeit brief access to email and have a blog as well, in which they keep the family & friends up-to-date on their status and daily lives. It’s a rather interesting read!  Right after Michael was hurt, our whole family got together for a big send-off. It was sad knowing we’d not see them for years, but so great to finally have everyone together in one place at the same time! We’re spread all over the country, so needless to say, it’s difficult. There were so many children and way too much BBQ, but it was a blast. I was sad to leave Eugene.

So, that’s what’s been up lately. Now, unfortunately, I must prepare myself for heatstroke. Oh joy of all joys. Can you tell I’m looking forward to this? I hope I don’t keel over and die.


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