It’s a small world.

I’m not sure how I got hooked on blogs. At first, it may have been work boredom, compounded by curiosity, fed by non-fiction. I think I just adore how the internet has turned journals into public fodder.  We can create our own characters, pick and choose who we want to follow, and get glimpses into other’s lives.  I started following friends I’d made on Writer’s Cafe, but have since branched out. God Bless links. I’ve realized I tend towards younger women’s blogs, and even certain groups of geographically located friends. I read Dallas blogs, DC blogs, and writers from everywhere. I find people fascinating.

I’ll admit: I’m a lurker. I may comment, but not regularly. Most of the blog owners probably have no idea how religiously I read their words. It’s like a random connection to people I’ve never met, and may never meet. However, I keep them close to my heart. I ache when they ache, and laugh when they laugh. Their stories of humiliation, love, drinking, and humor make my day: anything goes with these people. I worry when they don’t write for days, and wonder what’s going on in their lives.

Recently, I’ve been worried about a fellow blogger, who had fallen out of touch for awhile. I’ve just begun getting hooked on her blog and really enjoyed her perspective.  Today, I read this: Go ahead. Read it. It’s NSFW, but not in a naughty sense. In a sense that you might actually bust out crying at your desk. Seriously.

Granted, I don’t know this woman, and have simply lurked around her blog, but still this hit me to the core. So whatever your belief system is (I don’t care), think good thoughts, pray for her, meditate, whatever. Her comments are closed for this post, most likely from the out-pouring of sympathy. She needs bloggy-love right now. They both do.


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