It’s much too much.

And now I have a weird song stuck in my head. Awesome.

For this week’s debauchery and idiocy, you get bullet points. Because I can.

  • Friday: BF gets fired. Again. Was fired the previous Friday, and then hired back within 30 minutes. Asshats. Anywho…this time for real. Whatever. He was mentally and physically exhausted at that job. That’s the one minus of working in the service industry: you burn out. Quickly.
  • Did I mention they fired him on our answering machine? Awesome. Very professional. Granted, his boss is a former NFL third-string jock-type moron. I don’t know why I expect intelligence.
  • Meanwhile, back at the home front, we have a backyard. Granted, there’s two-thirds of a tree that’s gone now. HELLO SUNLIGHT! If this wasn’t Oregon in the Spring…
  • He is a damned slave-driver when he wants to be. Maybe he’s just panicking or bored, but I have never been so exhausted after a weekend. Ever. I need naps. Lots of them. Translation: I do not weigh enough to effectively pull tree branches down from 32 feet in the air with a rope. Lesson learned.
  • Crossing fingers and toes that unemployment benefits come through.
  • Did I mention I need a nap? Oh. Right.
  • Yesterday I went to the gynecologist. Joy.
  • Today I am considering getting my tubes tied. I don’t like kids. There. I said it. Don’t hate.
  • My computer is generally fucking up at the office. If anyone needs me, I’ll be napping under my desk.
  • After 25 years, I got a library card. Squee! I’ve already read one novel, and am into the second (4 days).
  • Last night I drank 4 doubles. Not so good.

And that, dearies, is my life this week. Any questions?

For now, I leave you with this little momento:


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