Forsaken By Shadow by Kait Nolan – Guest Blog

I have been pimping the Hell out of her new novella for months now, and am so excited she is guest posting today! This is such a full story, yet so short as to be read in one day. I loved it, and cannot wait for her next book! So check it out. Give her some coment love, and for chrissakes BUY THE BOOK! It’s only $1! How awesome is that?

And so without further ado…….here’s Kait Nolan!

We are surrounded by technology 24/7 these days.  Cell phones.  Computers.  TV.  Twitter.  Facebook.  MySpace.  Email.  Blogging.  We are constantly plugged in.  Writers in particular are in a position to overdose on technology.  With expectations that we are supposed to keep up with the publishing industry, continue to build our platforms, expand our readership, maintain as much social media real estate under our branded name as possible…  Given that most of us aren’t fortunate enough to just write for a living, trying to stuff ALL that in and still get stuff written is a challenge.  And sometimes it becomes painfully obvious that it’s time to unplug.

You might need to unplug…

  • If you check your Amazon stats before you have your morning coffee
  • If you find yourself using hashtags in your manuscript
  • If you have Twitter accounts, blogs, and Facebook pages for one or more of your characters, and think they must be updated regularly at the expense of the actual writing
  • If you compulsively check your sales pages at all major vendors just because it is a new hour
  • If you converse via chat with someone in the same room
  • If, in real life, you introduce your family as DH, DD (8), DS (6)
  • If your spouse has to email or text you to get your attention, even though he’s in the same room
  • If your online friends are closer to you than your real life friends
  • If you find yourself slipping into chatspeak or textspeak in your manuscript
  • If you celebrate your Tweets by increments of 1000 (or greater)
  • If you’ve been forced to have a secondary Twitter account because you routinely go over the limit
  • If you use a Facebook announcement to spread important news to family members instead of the phone
  • If Googling yourself is part of your morning routine, right in between brushing your teeth and getting a shower
  • If you get a twitch when you’re away from your laptop/iPhone/Blackberry for longer than five minutes
  • If your fingers automatically type your statements…even when you aren’t at a keyboard

I will admit to being guilty at one time or another of at least seven of these.  I’ll leave it to your imagination as to which ones.  Let’s just say…I might need to unplug.

If you need to unplug and want something to read while you’re there, you might check out my debut paranormal romance novella, Forsaken By Shadow, available for $1 at Scribd, Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the iBookstore.  It is the first in the Mirus series.

Banished from their world with his memory wiped, Cade Shepherd doesn’t remember his life as Gage Dempsey, nor the woman he nearly died for. But when Embry Hollister’s father is kidnapped by military scientists, the only one she can turn to is the love from her past. Will Gage remember the Shadow Walker skills he learned from her father? If they survive, will Embry be able to walk away again?

Kait’s writing blog Shadow and Fang

Kait’s cooking blog Pots and Plots

Kait on Twitter

Kait on Facebook

Kait on MySpace

Kait on Goodreads


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2 responses to “Forsaken By Shadow by Kait Nolan – Guest Blog

  1. Thank goodness, I don’t seem to do any of these – yet… If I did have a book out I’m sure I’d be just as obssessive with checking sales rankings, and for now I’m still not on Twitter (I didn’t even know there was a limit!) so I’ve thankfully avoided the pitfalls of that place… But I still find it difficult to write on the computer because the temptation to do the rounds of blogs, facebook, compuserve forum and email accounts is too great!

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