“Can you feel it?”, she whispers. “It’s coming.”

He glances, dead-pan in her general direction. “Wha…how many hits did you have?”

She flips him off, focusing her eyes inside, concentrating downward towards the right, seeing nothing and every thing at once. Well, maybe not every thing, but as much as her untrained mind will allow. This is all new. Call it intuition, fate, Kismet, whatever.

He rambles and mumbles beside her. “Hey! Are you even listening?”

“Not to you.” Jerk-off, she thinks. What the fuck is going on? This mind-opening shit is creepy, but also awesome in a sense. “Maybe I should lay off the pot? I need a nap. I’ll be in the bedroom.”

She saunters away, thinking about how much stronger everything feels today. Not like yesterday. About 50 times brighter, and louder, and why can’t she get her head to shut the fuck up already?!  What the fuck was that shit laced with?


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