Finger chewing, cancer, and kittehs

This is the part where I say something hilarious and witty, only I don’t feel hilarious and/or witty right now, so forget about it. I’ll give you kittehs.

Speaking of kittehs, I got some. New ones. Babies. A week ago. They’re kind of like the pic, on a good day. When they’re sleeping, they’re cuter. Swear. We were going to wait, seeing as how our other cat, Sophia, is 14 or 15 years old, with not so much tolerance. She’s dealing. I think. There are no dead kittehs yet, only a mild learning curve. So now we have 3 cats. Why, you ask? Because his Mom (think Everybody Loves Raymond’s mom only more white-trashy) deposited them at our house last week. Awesome. Well, WTF else am I going to do?! I am not letting these little angels go to the pound? Asshole? Sometimes. Heartless fucking bastard? Not so much.

There’s a boy and a girl. I named the boy “Killer”. He has ripped my right hand to shreds, and he’s a finger chewer. Yum. Michael named the girl “Betsy”. I know…huh? I voted for “Baby”, but apparently, my abortion joke was ill-humored? Pshaw!

So that was my good news. Bullet points for the rest of the shit. No, I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m just explaining why I’ve been absent and non-creative lately.

  • Michael still unemployed, but 6 weeks into healing from his neck surgery. Yay. Our ill-fated sex life is coming back, albeit slowly.
  • My Mom is on bed-rest for an indefinite amount of time. Not sure what the results of the tests of her wound will be until this weekend. Hoping she doesn’t lose her leg.
  • My best friend is in Hawaii, sounds cool huh? Not so much. Her dad lives there, and had major heart surgery Monday. He’s sedated now.
  • We had to hock Michael’s guitar (sob) to pay bills on Monday.
  • My co-worker, of which I’ve previously written about, died on Saturday from the Cancer.

So far, this week kind of sucketh. Email me, Twitter me, whateveas if you want more details. My brain is tired, and my heart is numb.

Swearsies, I’m trying to write. Bless……



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4 responses to “Finger chewing, cancer, and kittehs

  1. Rachel Blackbirdsong

    It’s a maelstrom. Good thing for the kittens.

  2. Blainey

    I miss you too and I’ll be back soon! My dad is awake now and talking…a little at a time. He gets tired fast, but he’s only had the intubation tube out for several hours and his heart was just worked on…so…it will just take time. And I want to come and play with your kitties! Baby animals and babies are always good to help take your mind off the world of drama…as long as they aren’t ripping you to shreds. 🙂

    LOVE YOU!!!

  3. You’ve got a lot on your plate. 😦 More hugs for you…. ((((squeeze))))

    • christel42

      Thanks. I’m dealing. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I’m learning a ton about myself, which I consider a posotive thing.

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