of memory

I watch you sleeping,

trailing my finger from your shoulder down

to your hip bone,


remembering the last time,

the first time

I touched you

with the intimacy

of memory.



Filed under Poetry

5 responses to “of memory

  1. I like this a lot. There is a quiet intimacy to this poem. You evoke so much with so little. There is love, romance, longing and stillness.

  2. cool,
    gentle words like breeze,

  3. in such a short piece you have captured a moment of closeness, a moment of sensuality and a moment of perhaps despair that things are no longer like they were…thank you..pete

  4. Lovely. The intimacy of memory – what a beautiful image that is, and so accurate. So few words, but the emotion is captured perfectly.

  5. christel42

    Thank you all so much for the comments I wasn’t able to read until today. It always warms my heart to see that I’ve touched people I don’t know.

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