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Poetic Twitter Experiment

Yeah. I think the title says it all. Sorry I’m not all verbose and creative with my title today. I kind of fell into this experiment while on the bus this morning because I couldn’t find my pen. Again. And I had line going through my head, so I tweeted them. I tagged them #buspoetry at first, but then I did it again while on a smoke break at work, and #buspoetry seemed like a lie, so I tagged it #tweethaiku. Not that I’m trying to write haikus necessarily. That one just worked out like that. Anyway, I think I’m going to keep doing this for a while. Well, at least today, I’m trying to limit my tweets to poetry, but I’m long-winded and have to bitch about work somewhere, so that might not be entirely it. Eventually, my poetic tweets are going to become something cohesive (I hope), or at a minimum, I’ll have something I can pull together for a social media meets poetry arts kind of thing? It could work. Maybe. And if it doesn’t, who cares? Only a few people probably even notice the random tweets anyway, and if I can bring a smile or a “hmmm” to someone’s day, then I’ve accomplished my good deed for the day. So, off to poetic tweeting!

Enjoy your day, lovelies. 🙂


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