And then I got fired

As most of you know, bye-bye job. So….I’m working on getting a home PC or something. Anyway, I’m tweeting from my phone. I apologize to my authors I’m beta-reading for, but I promise I’ll get it together soon. Love you all.

PS- I’m okay. Stuff just sucks right now. 🙂



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5 responses to “And then I got fired

  1. Stacey Wallace Benefiel

    What the wha? Well, screw them, you didn’t like working there anyways. Better things on the horizon.

  2. Shawn

    Hang in there, girl. Want me to take care of them for you? *flashes fang and grins*

  3. I know it’s hard, but perhaps something really good is on the way now that you’re out of the hellhole. Really, it always sounded like such an awful job, awful people to work with. Their loss.

    • christel42

      No kidding. We’ll make it. We always do. This year has been a major case of rug-burn though! Thanks for the support, and you’re right. I hated that job, so screw ’em. Lots of other jobs I’, over-qualified for. LMAO

  4. sorry for what happened.
    best wishes.

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