Guess what, kittens?! I am one lazy fucker…

Seriously. AND I LOVE IT!

I don’t need no steekin’ job!

In reality, though, everytime I start to feel guilty, Michael reminds me that I’m on VACATION! Bills are not an issue (yet), and I’ve been busting my hump for 20 years?!

“ENJOY IT”, he says.

So, I’ll try. Really.

I’m reading a lot. LOVE! I’m on a serious Stephen King kick right now, but it’s working for me. Getting caught up on Vol. 4 & 5 of The Dark Tower series, as well as some more recent novels I hadn’t even heard of…..LISEY’S STORY. Blatant plug. Loved it bunches!

I’ve actually had an interview already?! Wha? Um yeah….I know. With my luck, I’m going to end up employed BEFORE my unemployment money kicks in……………

I’m also writing, and NEVER FEAR doing some beta-reading too. Call me Stacey. I HAZ GLIMMER EDITS. I apologize for falling off the face of the Earth there for a minute. Life kinda hit the shitter for a moment, but it’s all good now. Y’all have been awesome about resending stuff to my new email address (not work). Thank you!

Unfortunately, I’m still stuck at yea ‘ole library until I get the whole OMG I need a computer at home thing figured out. Working on it. My Dad’s this super-smart IT genius dude, so I doubt it’ll take long. 

Anyway….I’m still tweeting from my phone, and trying to get down to check my email every day.

PS: Sharon…..I can’t access the dang beta readers blog again. Um….not sure what happened there. #iamdumb

Until later, lovlies……peace, love & dope. (As my friend Mel says.)



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3 responses to “Guess what, kittens?! I am one lazy fucker…

  1. Stacey Wallace Benefiel

    Can you meet for a drink(s) Sunday evening?

  2. Haz you gotten back into the beta readers blog yet? I didn’t see this many many moons ago… And then WordPress said you were no longer a proflile. Scared the shit outta me. LOL

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