10 Things That Make Me Happy

Blatantly stolen from Sharon Gerlach http://sharongerlach.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/ten-things-i-hate-abo-er-ten-things-that-make-me-happy/#more-1121 . Forgive my tardiness, but I’m trying to inspire myself to write more in 2011. So, go with it. Continue on by linking to this post, or to Sharon’s. Or if you’re really ambitious, to Kitty’s post, http://wantonactsofwriting.wordpress.com/2010/06/03/ten-things-that-make-me-happy/ .

So here goes. Just as a warning…this may take a while. Happiness is not a strong suit!

10. BUNNY!!! (Oh excuse me….not sure where that outburst came from?)

9. Commas. (They don’t call me the Comma Nazi for nothing?!)

8. Flexeril. (STFU. I got mildly addicted when the BF had them for pain killers fr his neck surgery They help me sleep.)

7. Prison Break. (Dudes. Hot, naked tattooed guys? Um yeah…)

6. Unemployment. (Not really, but I HATED my job, so…yeah.)

5. Friends. (Yeah, I got ’em. A couple anyway…they’re funny.)

4. Books. (Yes, I am a bookworm. Fuck off. They give no lip, and usually entertain me.)

3. Words. (Without them, I would be nothing.)

2. My parents. (Still together after 30+ years!)

1. Michael. (My other half. My soul mate. He pisses me off constantly, and quenches my thirsty soul.)

So, go with God. Or whatever. Just have some fun with this, even if you’ve already done it. I’m sure we’ve all had someone or something in our lives in the last few months that warrants a mention. Enjoy and celebrate our own distinct differences.



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2 responses to “10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Blackbirdsong

    Glad you’re back to write this. BUNNY! Hey, I did it too…great list.

  2. christel42

    Addendum: I might have to delete BUNNY, and replace it with KITTEHS! Because seriously, I don’t own a bunny, and my cats are a constant source of happiness. That is all. 🙂

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