Crash into oblivion

I stare out the window with eyes anew, dreaming of another day, a way to forget, to reclaim innocence. This way…..this way…it beckons. Tantalizing. Serene. Peaceful.

I fly with invisible wings, arms spread out, toes pointed. Horizontal and mid-air. The wind is my pillow, caressing, waving through my angel hair. Every little nuance of life just sitting there, open, waiting for me to grab ahold of life, death, this spirit world of my creation. I soar…




and crash

into oblivion.


Filed under Short stories

5 responses to “Crash into oblivion

  1. Damn, girl. This is beautiful!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Look out, world, she haz a computer now, and she’s not afraid touse it!

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  4. The wind is my pillow: great imagery. I can see that as I read it. Nice piece.

  5. Blackbirdsong

    Good to see you posting on #fridayflash. Love this. Some great images here. Nice art. 🙂

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