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People are strange…

So….it’s been awhile since my last post, and thought I’d fill y’all in on my constant drama. Life is….well, it’s just life. Fuck it. I don’t want to sound like some whiny, bitch, so let’s just say it has been trying my patience as of late.

This morning, I caught up on my blog reading, and I found a little humorous nugget from Ironic Mom. Here’s the linky: http://ironicmom.com/2011/01/22/funny-search-terms/

I think we all obsess a little bit about search terms that lead unsuspecting readers to our blogs. I know I’ve had some weird ones myself. Namely, the “peed my pants” one, but that’s another story altogether. So after reading Ironic Mom’s post, I checked mine. I was pleasantly surprised to find I’d had 22 hits yesterday, which is odd as I haven’t posted in a week or so……for your enjoyment, here are my top 4 search terms for yesterday?!

Top Searches: proverbial finger out, stacey benefiel day of sacrifice review, window as eyes, waving through window

So the DoS review is self-explanitory, but what really struck me in the funny-pants was the “proverbial finger out”? I can only imagine…..

Good to know that I’m not the only crazy weird one out here. Enjoy your Sunday, lovelies! I have to go watch the playoffs and get hammered now. 🙂

Go Jets!


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