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Devil’s Eye by Kait Nolan: review


After months of waiting, the sequel to Forsaken by Shadow was released, and sprang swiftly to the Top Ten in Amazon’s e-book category. Devil’s Eye is the second novella in the Mirus series from Kait Nolan, and was most decidedly worth the wait.  Being her perfectionist self, Kait once again does not disappoint. Her prose is poignant and flows beautifully, and her heroines are always admirable. Sophie, the demi-goddess and heroine of this second novella, packs a tough punch and keeps on kicking. Mick, whom we briefly saw in Forsaken by Shadow, is yet another classic Kait male lead. His toughness is belied only by his undying devotion to Sophie. I absolutely adore how Kait makes both the female and male characters tough fighters, but yet softens their personas with a tale woven in love. Devil’s Eye is another great action-packed, paranormal romance from a prolific writer, and I personally cannot wait for the third installment! Thumbs up all around!

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Artistically rendered with a vibrancy that immediately sucks the reader into the book!


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