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This all started as a Poetic Twitter Experiment. See for the original post. It was an unconscious effort in art. I blame my lack of pen issues. My purse is too big. I can never find my pen when I have an inspiring thought.

Waiting for the train. Blows by on the way to freedom. #buspoetry

Ocean-blue eyes, swimming, whispering the secret music of the spheres. #buspoetry

Pedestal viewing, blindly feeling your way into my soul. #buspoetry

Loss of mind, life, limb, waiting impatiently for triumphs to come. #tweethaiku

Glimmering lights above expectation, making way for destiny, while a woman sits hungry & cold, a child dreaming of tomorrow. #tweetpoetry

Sometimes my eyes burn with the weight of thoughts left unexpressed, waiting for a sign from the sky. #buspoetry

Clouds ebb and flow through my vision, mind, soul. Here is where we dream. #buspoetry

I translate everything you say into women-speak, grating against my eardrums. #tweetpoetry

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