It’s all about the blood…

Here’s a blurb from Kept, the first novella in Blood Lust:

Kept was published November 2008.

As a cat therian (shifter), Greta’s blood is already sought after to enhance spells and potions, but due to a quirk of her birth, her blood is potent enough to kill for. When her tribe plans to sacrifice her, Greta must ally herself with Dayne, the dangerous local sorcerer, and the only person strong enough to protect her.

Zoe Winters writes quirky and sometimes dark paranormal romance.

Zoe’s goal as a writer: “I want to write a book that makes you almost pee your pants because you don’t want to put it down long enough to go to the bathroom. I want to write a book that you miss meals for. I want to write a book you miss bathing for. I want to grab hold of you and not let go until the very last page, where you crumble to the floor in a blissful heap, ask for a cigarette, and say: “Damn, was it good for you too,” then tell 300 of your closest friends about it on Twitter.”

Cover Design by Robin Ludwig

Well, it took me awhile to read this book, but it was well worth the wait! Forgive me, Zoe, I had a bunch of personal stuff going on, so I neglected finishing for a few days.

While I’d read about half of Kept about a year ago, the first novella in The Preternaturals Book One, I enjoyed actually being able to read all three novellas at once. (Kept, Claimed & Mated) I even bought this book in paperback, mostly due to my obsession with reading actual paper books, but also because I adore the cover art. This book is definitely a must-own!

I can’t wait to read the second book in The Preternaturals series, Save My Soul. I’m guessing Cain may play a larger role in the next book, and I can’t wait?! Without totally spoiling it for the rest of you who may not have read this yet, GO NOW!!! Check her website/Goodreads/Facebook…and buy the books! They’re moderately priced, and well worth it.

 I loved the way the characters flowed from one novella to the next, but still obviously being separate stories. And the sex scene?! OMIGOD! Simply lovely. And dirty. And oooh so much fun! On the back cover, Zoe even place “Heat Level” warnings for the faint of heart. 😉

If you’d like a sample, you can download a free copy Kept via Zoe’s website. Trust me, you will love it, and end up wanting the next two novellas. So, save your soul and some money, and just get Blood Lust in its collective form.

 Thank you, Zoe, for this great indie work, and all you do to support indie authors! You are truly an inspiration.



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