Just me

When I’m not banging my head on a wall, I’m writing, reading, listening, and just generally having fun. I have a Bachelor’s in English, with minors in Women’s Studies and Creative Writing. I live in the Northwest, and can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.I live with my partner and sometimes his son. We have a cat named Sophia. She’s old and crotchety, but we love her. We have to. She rules the house, and would probably kill us in our sleep if we neglected her. We also have two kittens, brother and sister, Killer and Betsy, who are if nothing, adorable.

Mostly I write poetry, but dabble a bit in the short story/blogging world. I’m finding writing my scattered thoughts down works better for me than going off at my loved ones. No?  =)

3 responses to “Just me

  1. Nice to meet you! And yes, I do agree: writing down thoughts and prodding imaginary characters is a much better solution than going off on loved ones!
    I look forward to following your writing journey!

  2. My daughter thinks our cat is evil too! I’m beginning to wonder….
    Very nice to meet you, young lady.

  3. Thanks for following me! Your cats are sooo cute!

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