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Random musing of a mildly dearranged individual. Sometimes I lie. That’s what we call fiction. Oftentimes, it’s only mental vomit. Enjoy.

And then there was a laptop…

FINALLY!!!!! Dang, that took long enough, eh?!

I think my last post was sometime in Sept./Oct.??? Ugh. So sorry for the delay. I have been….well….not a whole lot. Mostly, I’ve been reading a lot (real paper books), drinking too much (surprise?!?!?), and just generally being a douchebag (ask my boyfriend), but yet again, not really. I’ve been working as a Home care assistant for my MIL (mother-in-law) part-time, and becoming entirely too domesticated.

It’s kind of freaking me out. No, really.

So here is my chance to finally put to use all the networking, beta-reading, editing and just general fun I’ve been having with my writers for years!

Wish me luck, folks. I’m going to attempt to actually make money doing what I’ve been doing for years….editing, proof-reading, and the like.

Don’t fret fellow authors: if I’ve worked with you before, you’re, shall we say “grandfathered” in. Plus, I’m going to offer negotiable rates because let’s face it, us writers are not made of the money! Seriously though, if I made five bucks, I’d be thrilled.

So now I have a TON of catching up to do on my reading! (eyes bugging already)

I promise to be faithful and diligent in my 2011 blogging. Link to editing website forthcoming.

Quick question: to get my own domain name or stick with WordPress for my editorial website needs? So many choices…

PS: Just bought a Kindle….STOKED!!!!!

PSS: Did I mention the web cam? LMFAO! Enjoy. We were confused and acting a fool.


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Guess what, kittens?! I am one lazy fucker…

Seriously. AND I LOVE IT!

I don’t need no steekin’ job!

In reality, though, everytime I start to feel guilty, Michael reminds me that I’m on VACATION! Bills are not an issue (yet), and I’ve been busting my hump for 20 years?!

“ENJOY IT”, he says.

So, I’ll try. Really.

I’m reading a lot. LOVE! I’m on a serious Stephen King kick right now, but it’s working for me. Getting caught up on Vol. 4 & 5 of The Dark Tower series, as well as some more recent novels I hadn’t even heard of…..LISEY’S STORY. Blatant plug. Loved it bunches!

I’ve actually had an interview already?! Wha? Um yeah….I know. With my luck, I’m going to end up employed BEFORE my unemployment money kicks in……………

I’m also writing, and NEVER FEAR doing some beta-reading too. Call me Stacey. I HAZ GLIMMER EDITS. I apologize for falling off the face of the Earth there for a minute. Life kinda hit the shitter for a moment, but it’s all good now. Y’all have been awesome about resending stuff to my new email address (not work). Thank you!

Unfortunately, I’m still stuck at yea ‘ole library until I get the whole OMG I need a computer at home thing figured out. Working on it. My Dad’s this super-smart IT genius dude, so I doubt it’ll take long. 

Anyway….I’m still tweeting from my phone, and trying to get down to check my email every day.

PS: Sharon…..I can’t access the dang beta readers blog again. Um….not sure what happened there. #iamdumb

Until later, lovlies……peace, love & dope. (As my friend Mel says.)


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And then I got fired

As most of you know, bye-bye job. So….I’m working on getting a home PC or something. Anyway, I’m tweeting from my phone. I apologize to my authors I’m beta-reading for, but I promise I’ll get it together soon. Love you all.

PS- I’m okay. Stuff just sucks right now. 🙂


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Dear Baby Jeebus: Is this month over yet?

HUZZAH! To the corporate jackassery that blocked my shit a couple of weeks ago. F to the big, fat U!

Honestly, I didn’t do anything, but it’s working now. Obviously. I still can’t access Twitter, but at least I can write again!

Speaking of……more poetry is coming! I’ve been writing things out (gasp) long-hand! I’ll bring them with me tomorrow to post.

And….maybe I can even finish my erotica that I’d started when al this hit the fan? Or maybe because I just said that, the whole damned thing will crash/cock-block me out again. LMFAO.

Anyway, a brief update on life:

Mom is doing well at home, getting adjusted and such. It’s a trial, but life is chock full of trials. It’s so hard for us to imagine doing even the most mundane things without a left foot. Try it sometime…you’ll be amazed at how much you take your body for granted!

Michael got a JOB! HOORAY!!!! The first thing he said to me on Friday after work was, “Honey, it’s a dive bar. You’ll love it!”

Yeah, cuz that’s how I roll.

Little by little, we’re trying to get our collective shit together again. It’s been a difficult month (ie. I haven’t actually killed anyone yet), what with his son staying indefinitely for the last 4 or 5 weeks. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: teenage boys eat. A lot. As in Everything.

Seriously. The whole “eating me out of house and home” thing. Totally spot-on.

Meanwhile, Michael & I are on the “we have no food leftover to eat ourselves” diet. So, at least my waistline is happy.

I’ve got more, but I’ll save it for later, and leave you with this.

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Home, sweet home.

Well, Mom’s being discharged from “the home” on Monday. I guess this is a good thing? We want to have her back at home, and are hoping that being in the environment which she is used to will be a better fit for her. She doesn’t belong there at “the home”. I call it that because I’m not sure what to call it. I’d say Rehabilitation Center, but to be honest, it’s an old folks home. And it’s straight creepy. When we visited on Sunday, it totally reeked of urine. Ugh. Not the place where I want my mother. I just hope we’re ready. Aw who am I kidding? I hope my Dad is ready. She’s adamant that I not be directly involved in her care, and that I continue to work, seeing as how I’m the only one in the family actually working right now. She’s made steps, huge steps towards recovery and learning her physical limitations, but I know this transition will be difficult. We are blessed, unfortunately, that my Dad is out of work right now, but that’s a whole other can of worms. I’m just thankful that he is available to care for her, and I will continue to help with time, food and love. Whatever I can do.  This whole experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Sometimes I cry. When I least expect it. Over trivial things. But I know. I know that deep inside, that it is this: the stress, the worry, the fear. But we will survive. Because that’s how we roll.


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Hush Money by Susan Bischoff

Once again, I feel the need to pimp another indie novel, and she didn’t even have to ask for my pimpage assistance. Seriously, this one is awesome! I just finished it, like 3 minutes ago, and I am impressed. Also very glad this is a series, as now I need to know more, and miss the characters already! Okay, so mainly Joss and Dylan. Thanks for leaving me hanging, Susan! Y’all can tweet her here: , and maybe she’ll hurry up and write more! 😉

Really though, I’ve spent the last two and a half work days just pretending to work, while I’ve been entirely sucked into this plot! And I thought I was too old for YA?!? Not so much. Channeling my inner teenager over here. So with out further ado, I present to you a glimpse into the first chapter. Hope you love it! I know I did!

Click the link for an excerpt. Later, lovelies!

Cover Art by Robin Ludwig


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Finger chewing, cancer, and kittehs

This is the part where I say something hilarious and witty, only I don’t feel hilarious and/or witty right now, so forget about it. I’ll give you kittehs.

Speaking of kittehs, I got some. New ones. Babies. A week ago. They’re kind of like the pic, on a good day. When they’re sleeping, they’re cuter. Swear. We were going to wait, seeing as how our other cat, Sophia, is 14 or 15 years old, with not so much tolerance. She’s dealing. I think. There are no dead kittehs yet, only a mild learning curve. So now we have 3 cats. Why, you ask? Because his Mom (think Everybody Loves Raymond’s mom only more white-trashy) deposited them at our house last week. Awesome. Well, WTF else am I going to do?! I am not letting these little angels go to the pound? Asshole? Sometimes. Heartless fucking bastard? Not so much.

There’s a boy and a girl. I named the boy “Killer”. He has ripped my right hand to shreds, and he’s a finger chewer. Yum. Michael named the girl “Betsy”. I know…huh? I voted for “Baby”, but apparently, my abortion joke was ill-humored? Pshaw!

So that was my good news. Bullet points for the rest of the shit. No, I’m not looking for sympathy. I’m just explaining why I’ve been absent and non-creative lately.

  • Michael still unemployed, but 6 weeks into healing from his neck surgery. Yay. Our ill-fated sex life is coming back, albeit slowly.
  • My Mom is on bed-rest for an indefinite amount of time. Not sure what the results of the tests of her wound will be until this weekend. Hoping she doesn’t lose her leg.
  • My best friend is in Hawaii, sounds cool huh? Not so much. Her dad lives there, and had major heart surgery Monday. He’s sedated now.
  • We had to hock Michael’s guitar (sob) to pay bills on Monday.
  • My co-worker, of which I’ve previously written about, died on Saturday from the Cancer.

So far, this week kind of sucketh. Email me, Twitter me, whateveas if you want more details. My brain is tired, and my heart is numb.

Swearsies, I’m trying to write. Bless……


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