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Bound by Love by Pia Veleno

“Hell is as dangerous and fearsome as mortals are led to believe, which is why Beliaz left it behind to make a home on earth with a fallen angel named Eden. When Bel forges a ring to bind Eden to him forever, Hell has other plans for them both.”

Go to Pia’s website, and check out the free excerpt of her second novella published by Silver Publishing! You can also access her debut novella, Fallen. Both are fabulous!


Angels and demons in love? Hot naked abs on the cover? Wingasms? Oh hell yeah!

Once again, Pia’s verbose prose and steamy-hot sex scenes make this $2.99-buy priceless!  I most definitely want to read more about this duo, and hope they appear again in her future works.

Pia Veleno also has another novella, Man Whore, scheduled to be released next month! I, for one, can’t wait!

*Warning: This book contains graphic M/M sexy scenes. Personally, I think it’s uber-hot!

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