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Lit Wit Trivia with PRIZE!

For Christmas this year, my Mom got me this set of 100 trivia cards for book geeks like me. 🙂 I thought it would be fun to test your literary knowledge, and give away cool shit too! I figure if I do this once a month, it will take me approximately ten years to get through the deck. Hmm….might have to rethink that one….anywhosit….there’s a link below for the trivia cards.


This month’s prize will be a copy of Devils Eye by Kait Nolan! It’s awesome. Trust me. Or you can read my review here:


Or you can go straight to Kait’s website here:


To enter, just comment on this post with the correct answer, no later than next Friday, February 11th. I will take all the correct answers, and then have a random number generator pick a winner! So, go team! And get your book geek hats on! It’s time to play!

***Authorial Anecdotes***

Within the brief compass of a biographical incident we can sometimes catch and crystallize the essence of a person’s character. Use the following anecdotes to identify the author below.

  1. When he was ninety years of age, this Greek tragedian was brought before a court of law by his sons, who sought to have him declared senile and thus incompetent to manage his estate. In his own defense, the playwright read aloud passages from his Oedipus at Colonus, which he had recently completed but not yet staged. The jury confirmed his competency, chastised his sons, and escorted him home as an honor.
  2. President Abraham Lincoln took this abolitionist author of  Uncle Tom’s Cabin by the hand and asked, “So this is the little lady who started this big war.”
  3. This British writer’s rags-to-riches life was more remarkable than any of his sentimental stories. Born into an impoverished family and having worked as a child slave in a London blacking factory, he became, at the age of twenty-five, the most popular author in England.


Please comment with all three answers for a fabulous prize to be awarded next Friday! Good luck!

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