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Love waits






love waits.

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Reasons why I should write more.

Did I mention I’ve discovered Tumblr? Well, not me per say, but @shadowinstone and I LOVE IT! I’m using it as my snarky blog. It’s like Twitter, only without the restriction of 140 characters. Because, dammit, I’m wordy! Also, I refuse to abbreviate, which becomes rather limiting. Hence, why I have an adversion to texting. I’ll admit, though, I have a soft spot for WTF?! Probably because it uses my favorite word. No, it’s not “what”. Or “the”.

Anyway, I kind of went off on some sort of 35 tangents there. To continue with some sort of coherence…my last blog post was rather somber. Last Summer was a time of trials, emotional and physical. Permit me to re-cap.

My co-worker with the “maybe” cancer actually did have cancer. She was out of work until about a month ago, and truly only came back to re-up her benefits, seeing as how the corporation had managed to screw her out of disability. Not exactly sure how that happened, but I heard it was some sort of incompetence in HR. Surprising? Not so much. Anywho…she came back for a few days, but has since retired. 😦 It doesn’t look good.

Michael, my other half, aka MAN WITH BULLS EYE PRINTED ON HIS BICYCLE, healed alright from the first accident. Why did I specify “first”? Um well…..IT HAPPENED AGAIN?!?! Thank God, this time, the women stopped, and actually had insurance! He didn’t re-break his hand, but was pretty banged up. He seriously fucked up his back, and is just now finishing up all the physical therapy and 14 different doctor visits.  This time, we retained a lawyer. We didn’t want to, but her insurance company was being a major douche-case. I won’t mention (FARMERS) names. Oops. Well, they had it coming. An initial offer of $1K for a totalled bike, missed work, and months of pain & suffering?! Yeah. I think my comment was more along the lines of “FUCK OFF”.

My cousin and her husband made it safely to Indonesia with their son. They are leaving today for yet another jaunt into an even more remote location. You can read their blog here:  If you’re so inclined, say a little prayer for them, or just do what I do: think good thoughts. 🙂 They are of the awesome.

Meanwhile, back on the home front, stuff is pretty good. This weekend, we got a new (used) washer & dryer, which kicks major ass over the last model we had. (Courtesy of his sister/non-matching/uglier than sin/loud as fuck) Also, we are discussing moving, and looked at a cute, little house on Friday. Okay by “look” I mean, peered in through vertical blinds with a keychain flashlight. On a less stalker-ish note, I memorized the phone number, and hopefully, we can have a true walk-through later this week! It’s beige, but I think I can handle that.

Happy Monday, all! I promise (no really) to write more. See…that was easy!

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